Monday, January 31, 2011


Article: "Hospitality Adjusts to Globalization"
Author: Roger S. Cline
Website: Hotel Online


    The article "Hospitality Adjusts to Globalization," defines and describes globalization in many facets as it pertains to the business world.  Cline describes tourism as a "major export industry," and further states that it is "the world's largest export industry."  Although globalization is a trend that makes way for the globalization of everything else in the world's economy.  Cline lists some areas that still meed some work and questions that are yet to be answered.  These are:

*International expansion with common product and brand expansion;
*Sales amd marketing programs that fully capture global economies of scale;
*Organizational structures that allow global delivery of services with local operation;
*Cross-border employee training to support operations; and
*Use of the world capital markets as a source of funding.

    Through further research, I found that globalization is a trend that stabalized after the second World War, just developing over the last fifty years, as international hotel chains emerged and became popular.


    After spending hours researching the topic, I found tha t globalization in the natural step to making tracel more comfortable.  Hotel chains that have gome global include: Marriot, Hilton, Wyndham, and the Intercontintal group.  For frequent travelers--the familiarity of the hotel chain and amenities and technollogy make for a much more comfortable stay.


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